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What’s Feminism Got to Do with It? Gender, Poetry and Everyday Life in the 21st Century

with Brenda Hillman, Erica Hunt, Eileen Myles & Alicia Ostriker
Date and Time: 
March 15, 2002 - 7:00PM
Event Location: 
Poets House, Spring Street
Inspired by the feminist and civil rights movements, many 20th century women poets adopted an “I”-empowered poetics that intertwined personal and public worlds. By the end of the millennium, fragmentation and polyphony appeared in poetry as a response to the notion of “I”-dentity as constructed by class, religion, race and sexual preference. Is the exploration of a woman’s everyday “personal experience” in poetry still a political act? What are the challenges of writing a poetry that destabilizes gender and diffuses the self? What are the gender-related challenges (and aims) for today’s writers and readers of poetry? Introduced by Suzanne Wise
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Poets House
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Readings and Conversations