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Ships, Seas and Poetries!

A'yen Tran
Paper boat construction project, poetry NYC
Date and Time: 
June 1, 2013 - 11:00AM
Event Location: 
Kray Hall
$5 (children under 4 Free)

Dylan Gauthier, Kendra Sullivan, A'yen Tran and friends of the boat-building collaborative Mare Liberum lead a workshop on how to sing shanties like a sailor, write poetry like a pirate, and build model boats like a shipwright learning the trade.

A'yen Tran is an artist, story collector, raft-builder and singing enthusiast. Currently, she is working on The Boat for Singing Together, a handmade sculptural raft for group singing in New York City.

Event Sponsored By: 
Poets House
Event Type: 
Children’s Events