Literary Partners Program: Poets & Publishers

Poets and publishers, Paul Genega and Pamela Hughes, will read from their books of poems and discuss craft and publishing tips.

Literary Partners Program: Book Launch for Marisol Baca's Tremor

Book Launch! Marisol Baca will read from her debut full length collection of poems, Tremor (Three Mile Harbor Press). The former poet Laureate of the United States, Juan Felipe Herrera, called it “A serrated soul-piercing Geiger Counter. Shattering. Prize.”

Poets House Intern Reading

Join us for a celebration of our brilliant and dedicated interns! Featuring: Valentine Conaty, Abby Reynolds, Amelea Ng, Alyson Fusaro, and Rachel Rubino.

Poets House is a comfortable, accessible place for poetry—a library and meeting place which invites poets and the public to step into the living tradition of poetry. Poets House seeks to document the wealth and diversity of modern poetry, to stimulate dialogue on issues of poetry in culture, and to cultivate a wider audience for poetry.

Literary Partners Program: Red Hen Press presents John Barr, Molly Peacock, and Jill Bialosky

John Barr was born in Omaha, Nebraska, and grew up in a rural township outside of Chicago. Graduating from Harvard College on a Navy scholarship, he served five years on ships including three tours to Vietnam. Over a thirty-year career as an investment banker, he was Managing Director at Morgan Stanley and founded three startups. He has taught in the Graduate Writing Program at Sarah Lawrence College and served on the boards of Yaddo, Bennington College, and the Poetry Society of America, the latter two as board chair.

Literary Partners Program: Self Help: A Guide for the Retiring

Reading & Signing

Airports, larcenous woodchucks, unearned privilege, vaguely menacing gardens: each poem notes a patch of chaos in the poet's life and imposes some kind of pattern on it. Poreba strives to use language skillfully without getting carried away with it; sound is important in these poems, but more important is authenticity, even at the cost of ridiculousness. (What grandmother thinks of her grandchild as “my DNA cunningly packaged”?)

2018: A Celebration of Fernando Pessoa

Join poets Patricio Ferrari, John Keene, Mónica de la Torre, and Vijay Seshadri for a re-examination of Fernando Pessoa (1888-1935), the seminal Portuguese poet who wrote in the guise of a myriad of personae with distinct biographies and aesthetics. Upon the release of a new translation of The Book of Disquiet—his fragmentary “factless autobiography”—panelists discuss Pessoa’s inventive rejection of a singular authentic authorial voice and its legacy for contemporary poetry. Welcome by Poets House Executive Director Lee Briccetti.

Open Enrollment Class Registration - Henning


Attention to style and structure is very important to the writer of tiny fictions, just as it is to poets. That's why flash fiction and prose poetry are often described as borderline genres (between poetry and prose). In this class, you will write five poetic stories or narrative prose poems. Instead of working with the line, we will be working with the sentence and the paragraph. There will be assignments and examples from published writing and some theory.

Price: $325.00

Open Enrollment Class Registration - ford


By definition, archeology is the study of human history through the excavation of sites and the analysis of artifacts and other physical remains. By definition, poetry is a similar pursuit: poets excavate sites (and sights), unearthing and examining artifacts in an attempt to understand humanity. In this way, we will consider memories, photographs, and personal geographies as artifacts in order to get at a specific moment in time. By digging beyond the surface and examining these moments, one can begin to make sense of both personal and public histories.

Price: $325.00

Open Enrollment Class Registration - Skillings


In her 2012 essay “A Sort of Leaning Against,” Maggie Nelson writes: “For a long time, I worried there was something wrong with me as a writer, because I leaned so heavily on the thinking and writing of others. And further, that instead of wanting to hide that leaning, my impulse has often been to showcase it, to make this thinking-with-others, this weaving of mine and others’ words, part of the texture of my writing.”

Price: $325.00


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