2015: Bill Murray reads "What the Mirror Said" by Lucille Clifton

Actor Bill Murray reads Lucille Clifton's poem "What the Mirror Said" at the 20th Annual Poetry Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge, June 8, 2015. (Part of the PBS NewsHour segment on Poets House, broadcast December 15, 2015)

2015: Cornelius Eady reads "Emmett Till's Glass-Top Casket"

Poet Cornelius Eady reads his poem "Emmett Till's Glass-Top Casket" as part of the PBS NewsHour segment on Poets House, December 15, 2015.

2015: Aziza Barnes reads "Why Can't Black People Just Write About Flowers?"

Poets House Emerging Poets Fellowship alumna Aziza Barnes reads "Why Can't Black People Just Write About Flowers?" as part of the PBS NewsHour segment on Poets House, December 15, 2015.

Book Launch for Neil Shepard's "Vermont Exit Ramps II"

Book launch to celebrate the release of Neil Shepard's new book, "Vermont Exit Ramps II," a collection of 60 poems and 60 photographs focused on post-pastoral Vermont. Please RSVP so there will be enough refreshments and books for everyone: neil.shepard@jsc.edu.


celebrating new CCC bilingual (Bengali-English) poetry book by
Hassanal Abdullah Under the Thin Layers of Light

reading participants include

The Paris-American Reading Series

Poetry reading featuring Mark Doty, Tomas Q. Morin and Lolita Stewart-White.

This program made possible by the Poets House Literary Partners Program.

2015: Autobiography of a Book with Lynn Emanuel

Focusing on the structure of Langston Hughes' Selected Poems, and other works by other poets and novelists with whom she has had a lifelong obsession, Lynn Emanuel looks at the architecture of a book of poems, assessing its potential as a poetic form.
(Full Audio, Approx. 1 hour)

CAROUSEL presents "Units of Plexiglass, an edit" by Emmalea Russo

Units of Plexiglass, an edit is a slide projector performance exploring edge-spaces in language and sidewalks. The performance takes the form of a fragmented essay read aloud accompanied by two slide projectors. Units of Plexiglass presents questions about found language and objects, peripheries, transparency, and layering. The two slide projections overlap at times and are meant to be projected on (or near) a window with (ideally) a body of water in close proximity, serving as another edge-space and an additional layer behind and within the projections.

Emerging Poets Fellowship Reading

2016 Emerging Poets Fellows Emily Brandt, Chialun Chang, Alex Cuff, Rico Frederick, zakia henderson-brown, Anne Lai, Cynthia Manick, José Olivarez, Noel Quiñones, and Nicole Shantè White read breathtaking new work that promises an exciting future for poetry, hosted by 2016 workshop leader Adam Fitzgerald.

2015: Iowa International Writing Program Reading

Christopher Merrill, Director of the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa, introduces visiting poets Johanna Aitchison (New Zealand), Anas Atakora (Togo), Matthew Cheng (Hong Kong), Yao Feng (Macau), and Marie Silkeberg (Sweden), for an evening of readings and conversation exploring the various cultural spaces that poetry occupies, internationally and domestically.
(Full Audio Approx 1 hr 15 minutes)


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