RESCHEDULED -- Passwords: Cornelius Eady on the Harlem Renaissance


Poet Cornelius Eady examines the diverse poetic output of Harlem Renaissance writers, from Langston Hughes to Countee Cullen.

Passwords: A Seminar with Ann Lauterbach on the Objectivists

Poet Ann Lauterbach discusses the 1930s Objectivist poets from Basil Bunting and Lorine Niedecker to George Oppen and Louis Zukofsky.

Passwords: Marjorie Welish on The Imagists

Poet, painter and critic Marjorie Welish discusses the work of the early 20th-century Imagists, especially Ezra Pound and H.D.

Passwords: Herbert Leibowitz on William Carlos Williams

Editor and critic Herbert Leibowitz, author of “Something Urgent I Have to Say to You”: The Life and Work of William Carlos Williams, discusses the great doctor’s oeuvre, from Spring and All to Paterson.

Passwords: Joan Richardson on Wallace Stevens

2012 Guggenheim Fellow Joan Richardson, author of a two-volume biography of the poet Wallace Stevens and co-editor, with Frank Kermode, of Wallace Stevens: Collected Poetry and Prose (Library of America, 1997), will speak about Stevens and his work.

Susan Stewart, previously scheduled, is unfortunately unable to attend.

Passwords: Terese Svoboda on Kay Boyle, Lola Ridge, Hart Crane, Mina Loy and Marianne Moore

Poet and novelist Terese Svoboda use the life of poet, political activist and editor Lola Ridge as a lens to examine the modernist poetry of her time.

Poem in Your Pocket Day Celebration

Come to Poets House and the World Financial Center Winter Garden on Poem in Your Pocket Day to receive a poem to read and carry with you throughout the day, as will thousands of other New Yorkers.

Passwords: C.K. Williams on Robert Frost

C.K. Williams speaks about the life and poetry of the venerated American poet Robert Frost, the rural patrician of New England literary life.

Stanzas in Meditation: A Gertrude Stein Celebration - Panel

Four emerging textual scholars -- Logan Esdale, Susannah Hollister, Liesl Olson and Emily Setina -- share their recent work in the Gertrude Stein archives at Yale University, moderated by the collection’s curator Nancy Kuhl.

A reading of Stein’s poetic work follows.

Seeing About: Sébastien Smirou with Andrew Zawacki and Pierre Joris

French poet Sébastien Smirou is joined by fellow poets and translators Pierre Joris and Andrew Zawacki for a reading from — and discussion of — My Lorenzo, a meditation on the 15th-century Italian statesman, art patron and poet Lorenzo de Medici.


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