Reading Robert Frost with Alice Quinn

No matter how many miles you have to go before you sleep, take this opportunity to reacquaint yourself with the work of this 20th century master of narrative forms.

Passwords: "Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear"

Robert Creeley reads Duncan’s poetry, recollecting his friendship, advice and generous company.

Wrights of Spring: The Poems of James Wright with Carol Conroy and Annie Wright

Annie Wright opens the home she shared with her late husband, James Wright, the Pulitzer Prize winning poet. Poet Carol Conroy co-facilitates this field guide to the poetry—a perfect rite for spring. Refreshments served.

Life Studies: Robert Lowell with Richard Tillinghast

Marking the twentieth anniversary of his death, this seminar focuses on in-depth reading of selections from Life Studies, considered Robert Lowell’s masterpiece.

The Orphean Moment with Susan Mitchell

This seminar will use visual and musical works to explore the moment when the modern poet is pulled in many different directions by complicated emotions. The group will read Ashbery, Bishop, and Jarrell, listen to the music of Elliott Carter, and look at paintings by modern and Renaissance artists.

Passwords: Laurel Blossom on Edna St. Vincent Millay

"One of the most popular poets of the 1920s, Edna St. Vincent Millay was known for her exquisite love sonnets and her dazzling concert hall recitations. Laurel Blossom examines Millay’s technique, themes and poetic voice.

Introduction to Translation with Clementine Rabassa, Lawrence Venuti and Ellen Watson

"An introduction to the art and theory of translating poetry, featuring translators intimately involved with journeys from Spanish, Italian and Portuguese into English. Hands-on translation experience will be offered. Fluency is not required.


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