Exhibition of the 2002 Poetry Publication Showcase

On View in Toronto June 20-24
Bringing Poetry in The Branches training to an international community of librarians at the Joint Conference of the American Library Association & the Canadian Library Association in Toronto.

The Eighth Annual Poetry Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge

Join us for this annual tribute to poetry and the city we love. Galway Kinnell, Cornelius Eady, Quincy Troupe and Grace Paley will read their poems and invoke the words of Hart Crane, Walt Whitman and other poets who have celebrated the city and its bridges and boroughs. The walk features poetry readings on the Brooklyn Bridge and Fulton Ferry Landing, and concludes with a convivial dinner with more poetry and celebration.

Richard Lewis: "Sing Your Song Looking Up at the Sky"

As spring arrives and the birds return, Richard Lewis helps us call on the birds of imagining to write poems we can sing to the sky.

The Practice of Poetry: A Conversation with Sam Hamill

The class will read and listen to some poems and explore aspects of good writing and the practice of poetry in the fullest sense of that term: like doctors who practice medicine, we must prepare ourselves to serve a great tradition.This conversation may include deep reaches into classical Chinese and Japanese poetry, overtly political poetry and other aspects of practice.


African drums, dance and poetry by the first graders of PS 156.


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