Passwords: John Kinsella on Lionel Fogarty

Australian poet John Kinsella examines the work of acclaimed Aboriginal poet and political activist Lionel Fogarty, whose poetry embraces the language and struggles of Aboriginal people. Fogarty is the author of numerous poetry books, including New and Selected Poems: Munaldjali, Mutuerjaraera.

Bringing the Deep Self Forward

In this unique poetry class, Jane Hirshfield will workshop poems in an intensive afternoon session and share the podium with her students in an evening reading. Please follow application guidelines below.

"Now You See Me, Now You..." with Chrissie Gittens

Chrissie Gittins reads poems from her children’s book Now You See Me, Now You… which received the 2002 Belmont Poetry Prize.

Bring it on Home with DB Leonard

Home, poet and songwriter DB Leonard plays guitar while we read poems that invoke
the meaning of home.

Part of NYC Lit Fest 2003

Home & Exile, Politics & Poetry

Cultural critic Eliot Weinberger and poet Bei Dao discuss the ways in which poetry can respond to cultural and political disenfranchisement, and to exile from one’s home. Bei Dao will also read from his poetry.

Part of NYC Lit Fest 2003

Origins of Image Making: A 25,000-Year Crash Course with Clayton Eshleman

For the past 28 years, Clayton Eshleman has been investigating Ice-Age paintings and engravings found in caves in southwestern France. He will discuss the connections between cave art and poetic imagining, show slides of cave images, and read from Juniper Fuse, a book of prose and poetry that is the culmination of his explorations.

A Translation Workshop with Clayton Eshleman

Clayton Eshleman will discuss translating poetry by Aimé Césaire and César Vallejo as a catalyst for conversation about translation at large. Participants are invited to bring in examples of their own translations to read and discuss or examples by other translators that they value or feel critical about.

Open House for Poetry New Zealand

Alistair Paterson, editor of Poetry New Zealand, one of New Zealand’s leading poetry magazines, travels to New York to present the magazine to new audiences and to meet poets who have been, or wish to be, included in its pages.

Storyteller Julia Morris

Join storyteller Julia Morris for a morning of spooky chants and hair-raising poems to celebrate Halloween.

Celebrating Stanley Kunitz

Stanley Kunitz will read from his work and take part in a discussion. The Group for Contemporary Music will present newly commissioned settings of the poet’s work from Milton Babbitt, Charles Wuorinen, Dave Douglas, Eve Beglarian and Paul Scott Goodman.


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