The Wind In Your Hand: And Other Secrets of a Winter's Day with Richard Lewis

Poems by those who love the hidden worlds of winter with its mysteries of wind and snow and frozen waters. We will share these poems—as well as make our own small book of poems—celebrating the invisibilities and secrets of a winter's day.

Queer Invention: Writers & Artists Re-Imag(in)e Identity

Writers and artists present video art, web art, poetry and theory that radically reinterprets sexual identity and the self.

Part of Subversive Traditions: Poetry, Identity and Community
This season, Poets House presents a number of programs that investigate poetry’s potential for undermining the established order of the day, whether political, aesthetic or social. With samplings from the U.S. and abroad, we will explore how poetry diversely expresses opposition, forges new allegiances, galvanizes communities and re-imagines the self.

Words Without Borders: A Reading of International Children's Literature

Engage in an afternoon reading of tales from other nations and discover the best in world literature. With actor Maceo Rosa reading an Argentinean tale, writer/actor David Prete sharing an Italian story and acclaimed children's author Vera B. Williams reading a Japanese tale.

All proceeds go to Words Without Borders, an organization dedicated to improving communication through translation.

Passwords: Tom Sleigh on Thom Gunn's Re-invention of Love Poetry

Poet Tom Sleigh discusses the poetry of Thom Gunn (1929-2004) as an experiment in the conventions of courtly and not-so-courtly love. Gunn published more than thirty books of poetry, including Boss Cupid and Collected Poems, and several collections of essays, including The Occasions of Poetry.

Black Serial Poetics: A Conversation & Reading with Nathaniel Mackey and Ed Roberson

Poets Nathaniel Mackey and Ed Roberson read and discuss issues of innovation and serial poetics, poetic precursors (from Robert Duncan to Amiri Baraka) and other formal influences, such as Black music.

Nicole Brossard in Conversation with Mary Ann Caws

Scholar, translator and editor Mary Ann Caws talks with Nicole Brossard, a leading figure of Québec post-modernist and feminist writing.

Poetry in the Children's Room: The Spirit of the Buffalo with Beverly Brodsky

Author and artist Beverly Brodsky leads a demonstration and workshop on the magic that can be created with watercolors. She will also read poems from her new children’s book Buffalo.

Laura (Riding) Jackson: A Panel Discussion

Poets and scholars gather to examine the work of Laura (Riding) Jackson (1901-1991). A prolific poet who published her Collected Poems at age 37 and renounced poetry one year later, Laura (Riding) Jackson continued to explore the relationship between truth and language in such prose works as Rational Meaning: A New Foundation for the Definition of Words.

The 2004 Poetry in The Branches National Institute

This comprehensive weekend-long seminar prepares participants to bring this highly successful program model to their own libraries. The 2004 Institute will cover a wide range of nuts-and-bolts information about producing vibrant poetry programs, building enriched collections and engaging enthusiastic audiences through effective community outreach. Participants will gain experience listening to, discussing and even writing poetry. We guarantee that no one will leave uninspired!

Archival Work: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Poetry Center with Basil King & Myung Mi Kim

Sampling the vast American Poetry Archives (1954-present) housed at the Poetry Center at San Francisco State University, poet Myung Mi Kim presents ". . .in a manner of listening. . . ,” using a range of recordings to demonstrate the use of sound as a compositional element in the work of a number of poets. Poet and painter Basil King will play selections from the Poetry Center’s 1969 recording of Paul Blackburn and discuss the work of this central figure of the New York poetry scene of the 1950’s and 60’s.


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