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Seminar in Cross-Genre Poetics with Anne Waldman

Through discussion and experimentation, this workshop will explore various hybrid modes for poetry performance. Some of the topics the class will cover include extending margins on the page, shifting gender, the eight page novel, interrupted and transgressive narrative, and political and cultural interventions.

Passwords: Wayne Koestenbaum on James Schuyler

The work of James Schuyler (1923-1991) is ever in danger of slipping from notice because of its frankly casual and whimsical nature. Yet his long poems are arguably among the greatest of the last fifty years. Wayne Koestenbaum commemorates the tenth anniversary of Schuyler’s death by reminding a New York audience of the indispensability and secret monumentality of the work of this legendary member of the New York School of Poets.

Poems By Heart with Carol Conroy

In the words of Carol Conroy, the memorization of a poem invokes "all the myriad acts of attention that create a poem. For that reason, memorization ranks as a profound cognitive, psychic and spiritual journey." Poems by Heart invites people to share that journey by reciting from memory the poems that they love. Each month participants memorize a new poem that someone else has written.


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