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New Additions

Poets House Showcase - Poetry NYC
Every day, Poets House receives donations of books, journals, and multimedia that we catalog and add to our collection. Newly published titles become part of our Annual Poets House Showcase, an exhibition of poetry published in the United States over the course of a year. In 2011, the Poets House Showcase, included 2,458 titles published by 767 publishers. The Poets House Showcase is on display for the month of July in Elizabeth Kray Hall. After the annual Poets House Showcase, the titles are then moved upstairs and incorporated into our special collection of 50,000 poetry titles.

Get Included in the Collection

Each title in our collection was donated by a publisher, poet, or poetry reader. If you’d like to donate a copy of your book, chapbook, or multimedia title, mail a copy to Poets House, Attn: Gina Scalise, 10 River Terrace, New York NY 10282. If your title was published in the past year, please send two copies so that we can include one copy in our Poets House Showcase.