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Space Rentals and the Poets House Literary Partners Program

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Poets House Elizabeth Kray Hall
Poets House Stanley Kunitz Conference Room
Poets House Constance Laibe Hays Children’s Room
Poets House is a modern, inviting home for those who love poetry. Our eco-friendly building, where incomparable views of the Hudson River meet our unique 70,000-volume poetry collection, provides a distinctive setting for any event. Lined with windows and comfortable, quiet corners, Poets House is a one-of-a-kind space that brings sophistication and warmth to book launches, readings, performances, benefits, fundraisers, and meetings.

All events held at Poets House must have a clear relationship to poetry or to Poets House’s mission. Keeping our space safe and accessible at all times to all members of our diverse community is fundamental to our mission, and we expect that our renters also commit to thoughtful and inclusive programming.

Our Literary Partners Program helps keep Poets House within reach for all members of our community. Any organization with a commitment to literature--from small presses to public schools to nonprofit organizations to individual writers--is eligible to rent our space at a special discounted rate. We offer reduced rates and institutional support for book launches, readings, receptions, and many other literary events. To inquire about details, please reach out to Valentine Conaty -, 212-431-7920 ext. 2825.

The Margo Viscusi Reading Room

Margo Viscusi Reading Room
With sunset views of the park and our entire 65,000-volume poetry collection at your fingertips, the Reading Room is a warm and intimate venue for benefits, cocktail parties, book launches, and readings. Lined with windows over the Hudson River and modular seating, the Reading Room also allows personalized after-hours tours of our collection to deepen any event. The Reading Room is ideal for gatherings of up to 175 people.

Elizabeth Kray Hall

Elizabeth Kray Hall
Honoring Poets House co-founder and long-time arts administrator Elizabeth (Betty) Kray, our airy ground-floor venue is a dynamic home for both indoor and outdoor programming. Equipped inside with full audiovisual technology and retractable drapes, Kray Hall opens onto an outdoor amphitheater designed by landscape architect Michael Van Valkenburgh. Seating can be arranged inside for up to 85 guests, and outside for up to 100.

The Stanley Kunitz Conference Room

Stanley Kunitz Conference Room
Named for Poets House co-founder and two-time Poet Laureate of the United States Stanley Kunitz, our conference room is comfortable and private setting perfect for meetings and classes. Located at the southwest corner of our building, the space provides unique views of New York Harbor. Equipped for conference calls and audiovisual presentations, the conference room provides tabled seating for up to 20 visitors.

Constance Laibe Hays Children’s Room

Constance Laibe Hays Children’s Room
Our Children’s Room, home to our wide collection of children’s books, is a space uniquely designed to engage and enchant children. Here our youngest guests can compose poetry on old-fashioned typewriters or explore our wooden card catalog filled with our carefully-curated treasures and poems. Ideal for birthday parties, sing-a-longs, classes, and performances, the Children’s Room has room for up to 30 little ones.

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