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2015: Bill Berkson reads from 'Expect Delays'

Poet Bill Berkson reads from Expect Delays (Coffee House Press), as part of the 23rd Annual Poets House Showcase Opening Reading. Introduction by Poets House Artistic Director Stephen Motika
(Approx 15 mins)

2016 Emerging Poets Fellowship Reading (Full Audio)

2016 Emerging Poets Fellows Emily Brandt, Chialun Chang, Alex Cuff, Rico Frederick, zakia henderson-brown, Anne Lai, Cynthia Manick, José Olivarez, Noel Quiñones, and Nicole Shantè White read work generated during their Fellowship period. Introduced by 2016 workshop leader Adam Fitzgerald.
(Full Audio, Approx 1 hour 8 mins )

2016: Women of the World Poetry Slam Awards (Full Audio)

Lauren Williams and Mahogany L Browne, organizers of the 2016 Women of the World Poetry Slam (WOWPS), share poems alongside Imani Cezanne, co-winner of 2016 WOWPS
(Full Audio, Approx. 40 mins)

2016: Blood of the Sun: A Bilingual Reading with Salgado Maranhão and Alexis Levitin (Full Audio)

Brazilian poet Salgado Maranhão, winner of the 2011 Brazilian Academy of Letters Best Book of Poetry award, reads from Blood of the Sun and Tiger Fur with his translator, SUNY Plattsburgh Professor of English Alexis Levitin.
(Full audio, approx 1 hr 15 mins)

2016: Hurt So Good: Building the Body of the Beloved & Other Emotional Imageries with Natalie Diaz (Full audio)

Award-winning author of the collection When My Brother Was an Aztec Natalie Diaz discusses writer's 'triggering obsessions,' writing about the body, and the relationship between breaking, creating, and love in the inspiration, creation, and revision of poetry. Introduction by Poets House Artistic Director Stephen Motika
(Full audio, approx 1 hour)

2016: Leabhar na hAathghabhála/Poems of Repossession: A Reading of Modern Irish Poetry (Full Audio)

Editor and translator Louis de Paor, Julie Agoos, Melanie Best, Theo Dorgan, Susan McKeown, Leanne O'Sullivan, and Kevin Young celebrate the publication of Leabhar na hAthghabhála/Poems of Repossession, the first comprehensive critical anthology of modern poetry in Irish Gaelic with English translations with readings in readings in Gaelic and English.

2016: Melcion Mateu and Mary Ann Newman read and translate Rowan Ricardo Phillips

Melcion Mateu and Mary Ann Newman read Rowan Ricardo Phillips's poem "Embrace the Night and Get Thee Gone" in English and Catalan as part of (In)verse: Poets Translate Each Other
(Approx 6 1/2 minutes)

2016: Idra Novey and Flavia Rocha translate each others poems

Idra Novey reads a poem in English from her chapbook Clarice: The Visitor and Flavia Rocha reads her translation into Portuguese; Rocha then reads her poem Hilda Hilst in Portuguese followed by Novey's English translation of it as part of (In)verse: Poets Translate Each Other
(Approx 4 minutes)

2016: (In)verse: Poets Translate Each Other (Full Audio)

Flávia Rocha and Idra Novey (Portuguese and English) and Melcion Mateu and Mary Ann Newman (Catalan and English) read each others work in their original languages and in translation, and discuss their creative process and the responsibilities of collaboration and translation. Introduced by Karen Phillips, Executive Director of Words Without Borders
(Full audio, approx 1 hour 15 minutes)

2016: A Poetry Reading and Celebration of Melissa Green with J. Mae Barizo & Marie Howe (Full Audio)

Poets J Mae Barizo and Marie Howe read poems to celebrate the publication of Melissa Green's new book, Magpiety: New & Selected Poems (Arrowsmith Press, 2016). Introduced by novelist, translator, editor, educator, and Arrowsmith Press founder Askold Melnyczuk
(Full audio, approx 40 minutes)


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