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King of The River drawing by Philip Guston
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Current Exhibtion

The Poets House Showcase 25th Anniversary Celebration: A Pop-Up Show

On View July 27 - August 26

On the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Poets House Showcase, we have selected a sampling of the special, limited-edition items that have been shown over the years. This pop-up show features handmade books created by micropresses, fine editions, and other distinctive items displaying unique formats or unusual bindings. Together, these materials illustrate the ongoing relevance of the printed format and the handmade book, where text, image, and format can come together to be more than the sum of their parts. We hope you’ll experience this exhibition as a window into some of the...

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Poets House Art Exhibition Program Supports Its Poetic Endeavors

Poets House exhibitions focus on both the physical and visual manifestation of poetry as well as works by visual artists that correspond to the poetic impulse. From individual works of art — including an original light-reflecting mobile by Alexander Calder and paintings by E. E. Cummings and Philip Guston — to full exhibits that highlight original manuscripts, drafts of poems, correspondence, photographs, drawings, prints, paintings, books, and ephemera, Poets House is dedicated to both poetry and to the art of poetry.

A master list of all Poets House programs held from 1986 to the present can be found here.

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