Ubiquitous Dividend: A Day-long celebration of Robert Kocik’s 'Supple Science'

Workshop: 2:00–5:00pm
Performance: 6:00–8:00pm

Poets House presents an afternoon workshop and concert celebrating the works of poet and prosodist Robert Kocik through a variety of disciplines—poetics, visual art, performance, architecture, disability studies, design, medicine, economics, and politics—to explore what Kocik calls the “sore, over-sensitive, insecure, and supple sciences.” This event is also the release of Supple Science: A Robert Kocik Primer, recently published by ON Contemporary Practice.

Literary Partners Program: Mr. Hip Presents Poetry Series

Please join Boston's Most Interactive and Engaging Poetry, Spoken Word, Live Music, and Art Series for a night of poetry and music in NYC.

Hosted by Mr. Hip, readers include:
Ishion Hutchinson (Virtually)
Lisa Marie Basile
Leah Umansky
Jasmine Dreame Wagner
Ashleigh Lambert
Ian Blake
Joe Sonnenblick

With music by jazz band, The Jordan Carter Trio

2014: Emerging Poets Fellowship Reading (Full Audio)

An energetic reading to celebrate the dynamic emerging voices in this year’s Emerging Poets Fellowship: Wo Chan, Stephen Boyer, Lara Weibgen, Maxe Crandall, J.

Literary Partners Program: Red Mountain Press Reading

Please join Red Mountain Press for an evening with poets Ann Filemyr, Susan Gardner, and Donald Levering

Reception and book sale to follow.

About the poets:

Prompts for Poets Weekend Workshop


Poems for the Writing: Prompts for Poets

Valerie Fox and Lynn Levin, co-authors of the new craft-of-poetry text Poems for the Writing: Prompts for Poets (2013), will conduct a weekend workshop exploring several of the unique prompts in their book.

Price: $175.00

Open Enrollment Class Registration - Stecopoulos


Earthworks and Skywriting: Poems of Landscape with Eleni Stecopoulos

Price: $325.00

Open Enrollment Class Registration - Teare


This Condensary: Short Poems with Brian Teare

Price: $325.00

Open Enrollment Class Registration - Becker


Crossing the Line with Priscilla Becker

Lineation is the main design, the central idiosyncratic feature of poetry. This class stems from connections to other precincts of lineation, primarily geology: the linear structural features within rocks, called intersection, crenulation, mineral, and stretching. The re-navigation of the poetic line into the metamorphic lineation of geology is a re- orientation. Our writing exercises will emanate from this interdisciplinary crossroad, employing such inventions as junction, stress, re-direction, and parallelism.

Price: $325.00

Open Enrollment Class Registration - Good


The Poetry of Form: Physical Structures in the History of Verse with Regan Good

Price: $325.00


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