A Tribute to Ronald Johnson

San Francisco poet Ronald Johnson (1935-1998), was the author of several books, among them the metaphysical ARK, a book-length poem dedicated to "the radiant structural beauty and mystery of the universe," in the words of Robert Duncan.

Poetry in The Branches Workshop Publication Party and Reading

Group Reading with members of the Poetry in The Branches: Adult Writing Workshop with Lisa Rhoades

Writing from the Outside with Rachel Levitsky

One aspect of poetry is movement in and out of the membrane that separates an interior from its exterior. We will investigate how poets utilize aspects of the 'outside' world to dialogue with and enter subterranean consciousness. Readings will focus on the work of the poets Rosmarie Waldrop, Marcella Durand, and John Ashberry. During each class, with more and less specific directions (exercises) from the facilitator, we will mine these poets' work for ways into our own mysterious interiors.

Unlikely Angel: Another Look at New York School Origins

Panelists respond to the Unlikely Angel: Dwight Ripley & the New York School exhibit, considering the contingencies of influence and external event implicit in avant-garde origins.

Master Class with Tony Hoagland

Saturday, February 25, 1:30pm-5:30pm
Sunday, February 26, 11:00am-3:00pm

Master Class on Image, Diction and Rhetoric

Passwords: Tony Hoagland on Larry Levis

Tony Hoagland explores the work of Larry Levis (1946-1996), a sprawling, restless, romantic, and atypical American poet.

Passwords: Vincent Katz on Sextus Propertius

Poet and translator Vincent Katz discusses the background and context of the poems of the 1st century BC Roman poet, Sextus Propertius.

Poetry in the Children's Room: Floating Valentines-The Red Balloon

A screening of Albert Lamorisse's 1956 children’s classic The Red Balloon. Afterwards we'll make our own floating valentines and try, try, try to keep our feet on the ground.


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