Women Poets from the Middle East: Agi Mishol, Naomi Shihab Nye & Vénus Khoury-Ghata

A discussion about poetry and politics with three leading poets from the Middle East.

Presented in conjunction with PEN World Voices: The New York Festival of International Literature.

Branching Out Houston: Martín Espada on Pablo Neruda

At each stage of his tumultuous life, Neruda wrote poems as chronicles, explaining his poetry and politics. He also wrote poems about the mysterious power of poetry itself, a power fully embraced in Chilean culture. In his talk Martín Espada will focus on the evolution of Neruda as a political poet, his struggle and exile at the hands of his own government, his triumphant return, his death in the wake of the military coup, and his redemption after democracy returned to Chile.

Archipelagos of Poetry and Politics: A Reading and Conversation With Édouard Glissant and J. Michael Dash

A reading and discussion of world poetry, post-colonial literature, and translation, with readings by Brent Edwards

Presented in conjunction with PEN World Voices: The New York Festival of International Literature.

An Environmental Imagination: Field Institute with Sandra Alcosser

Follow in the words of Federico García Lorca and Marianne Moore into the presence of

24 species of mammals
63 species of birds
48 species of reptiles
20 species of amphibians
3 species of fish
9 species of invertebrates

Poetry in the Children's Room: Creatures of Creativity With Mel Glenn

A workshop exploring the many ways we can begin to write poetry and become creatures of creativity.

Branching Out Milwaukee: Elizabeth Alexander on Gwendolyn Brooks

Since she began publishing her tight lyrics of Chicago’s great South Side in the 1940s, Gwendolyn Brooks has been one of the most influential American poets of the twentieth century. Her poems distill the very best aspects of Modernist style with the sounds and shapes of various African-American forms and idioms. Brooks is a consummate portraitist who found worlds in the community she wrote out of, and her innovations as a sonneteer remain an inspiration to more than one generation of poets who have come after her.

Poetic Bestiary: A Panel Discussion With Sandra Alcosser, Mark Doty & Linda Hogan

Three leading poets discuss the role of animals as inspiration and agents of transformation in the poetry of the past and present.

In response to the exhibit Artistic Bestiary: Installations by Jane Greer and Brian Getnick on view at Poets House March 24 through May 6


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