2005: Vijay Seshadri on Elizabeth Bishop (Full Audio)

In his talk "The Vertical Elizabeth Bishop", poet Vijay Seshadri examines the origins and the scope of Bishop's visionary ambitions, her complicated, paradoxical relationship to the religious traditions that shaped her thought, and, finally, her ability to expose, in small poems and large, the fundamental questions underlying our experience.

(Full Audio, approx 53 mins)

2013: An Evening with Mei-mei Berssenbrugge with Charles Altieri (Full Audio)

Mei-mei Berssenbrugge was described by poet Jackson Mac Low as “neither objectivist nor subjectivist but a poet of the whole consciousness.” Born in Beijing, she emerges from diverse influences, from the artistic scene of her rural New Mexico home to the New York School and Language poets. Her over a dozen books of poetry include artistic collaborations with her husband Richard Tuttle and visual artist Kiki Smith. Berssenbrugge is joined by University of California Berkeley scholar Charles Altieri.

2006: Billy Collins reads at the 11th Annual Poetry Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge

Poet Billy Collins reads his poems "Ballistics," "January in Paris," and "The Trouble with Poetry" at the 11th Annual Poetry Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge

2003: David Antin: The Politics of Poetry

Internationally known for his “talk pieces”— improvisational blends of comedy, story and social commentary that have been described as a mix of Mark Twain and Gertrude Stein, poet David Antin will explore how language can be regarded as essentially political.

2007: Simon Armitage on Ted Hughes (Full Audio)

Simon Armitage, one of the pivotal voices in contemporary British poetry, explores the influence of childhood and landscape on the work of fellow Yorkshire poet Ted Hughes (1930-1998).

(Full Audio, approx. 50 mins)

Funded by the New York Council for the Humanities

2007: Dick Davis on Persian Poetry (Full Audio)

Poet and translator Dick Davis expands our understanding of the period that gave rise to such voices as Rumi and Omar Khayyam by exploring several poems from the canon of Medieval Persian literature, including the Sufi allegory The Conference of Birds.

(Full Audio, approx. 1 hour)

2006: Patricia Spears Jones on Lorenzo Thomas (Full Audio)

Poet Patricia Spears Jones discusses the life and work of Lorenzo Thomas (1944-2005), a pivotal figure in the Black Arts Movement and author of such poetry books as Chances are Few and Dancing on Main Street.

(Full Audio, approx. 50 mins)

1996: The Gift of Tongues: An Evening of Poetry from Copper Canyon Press (Full Audio)

Copper Canyon Press editor Sam Hamill introduces readings by Heather Allen, Erin Belieu, Stephen Berg, Timothy Liu, Jane Miller, Karen Swenson, Elaine Terranova in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Copper Canyon Press and the release of the anthology The Gift of Tongues, chronicling one of the finest poetry presses in the nation.

(Full Audio, approx 1 hour)

1998: Agha Shahid Ali on Faiz Ahmed Faiz (Full Audio)

Poet Agha Shahid Ali reads the poems of Faiz Ahmed Faiz (1911-1984), considered the greatest Urdu poet of the second half of this century, examining his use of classical forms such as the ghazal, and discuss the difficulties of translation.

(Full Audio, approx. 55 mins)


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