M. Nourbese Philip and Misani

Carbibbean writer M Nourbese Philip has observed that "poetry is about truth telling, but you need the lie--the artifice of form--to tell those truths." In this fascinating dialogue, Misani elicits Philip's ideas about poetry, the nature of truth and the construction of personal and national identity.

Passwords: Martha Ronk on Shakespeare

Poet and Shakespeare scholar Martha Ronk invites aficionados and first-timers to revel in the bard's rhetoric and discover the correlations between Elizabethan and contemporary poetics.

Lyric Poetry Festival with David Baker, Linda Gregerson, Stanley Plumly & Ann Townsend

This festival offers a refreshing perspective on one of the most popular and infinitely flexible forms in the Western tradition.

2:00pm: Lyric Sublime and the Problem of Beauty
David Baker and Linda Gregerson trace the evolution of the lyric sublime from its Greek and Latin origins to its modern modes.

Animal Forms with Priscilla Becker

This workshop offers writers an opportunity to depart from the human-centered poem and discover the deep insights and imagery that emerge from an attentiveness to the creaturely world.

Branching Out NYC: E. Ethelbert Miller on Langston Hughes

Through his examination of Langston Hughes (1902-1967), E. Ethelbert Miller traces America's social transformation from the 1920s through the Civil Rights Movement and provides an intimate inquiry into "this man who taught us how to dream."


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