Animal Forms with Priscilla Becker

This workshop offers writers an opportunity to depart from the human-centered poem and discover the deep insights and imagery that emerge from an attentiveness to the creaturely world.

Branching Out NYC: E. Ethelbert Miller on Langston Hughes

Through his examination of Langston Hughes (1902-1967), E. Ethelbert Miller traces America's social transformation from the 1920s through the Civil Rights Movement and provides an intimate inquiry into "this man who taught us how to dream."

Branching Out Hartford: Elizabeth Alexander on Gwendolyn Brooks

Since she began publishing her tight lyrics of Chicago’s great South Side in the 1940s, Gwendolyn Brooks has been one of the most influential American poets of the twentieth century. Her poems distill the very best aspects of Modernist style with the sounds and shapes of various African-American forms and idioms. Brooks is a consummate portraitist who found worlds in the community she wrote out of, and her innovations as a sonneteer remain an inspiration to more than one generation of poets who have come after her.

Semina Poets: Gallery Tour with David Meltzer

David Meltzer conducts a literary tour of Semina Culture, an exhibition celebrating the artist Wallace Berman (1926-1976) and the writers who coalesced around his magazine Semina, including Ginsberg, Duncan and William Burroughs.


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