2014: A Sexy New Animal: The DNA of the Prose Poem with Natasha Sajé (Part 1)

In an interactive presentation, poet and essayist Natasha Sajé, author of Windows and Doors: A Poet Reads Literary Theory, discusses the makeup of the prose poem, a hybrid form that derives energy from the collision of opposites: realism and fantasy; poem and novel.
(Part 1, approx. 30 mins.)

Part of Other Impulses: Poets Writing Across Genres

"A Painter and His Poets" Closing Celebration & Book Launch for "New York School Painters & Poets: Neon in Daylight"

Edited by Bill Berkson, Larry Fagin and Allison Power with a foreword by Carter Ratcliff, New York School Painters & Poets charts the collaborative milieu of New York City poets and artists in the mid-twentieth century. This unprecedented volume comprehensively reproduces rare ephemera, collecting and reprinting collaborations, paintings, drawings, poetry, letters, art reviews, photographs, dialogues, manifestos, and memories.

2004: Bill Murray reads Frank O'Hara and Billy Collins

Actor Bill Murray reads poems by Frank O'Hara ("[How wonderful it is that the Park Avenue Viaduct is being rehabilitated]"), Billy Collins ("Another Reason I Don't Keep a Gun in the House", "The Death of the Hat," and "The Art of Drowning") as part of the 9th Annual Poetry Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge
(Approx. 10 minutes)

2005: Bill Murray reads Jackson Murray, Robert Francis, Billy Collins, Robert Creeley, and Frank O'Hara

Actor Bill Murray reads poems by his son Jackson Murray ("That was Summer"), Robert Francis ("Pitcher"), Billy Collins ("The Best Cigarette"), Robert Creeley ("Ballad of the Desperate Husband") and Frank O'Hara ("A True Account of Talking to the Sun at Fire Island") as part of the 10th Annual Poetry Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge
(Approx. 14 minutes)

2008: Bill Murray reads Thomas Lux, Martin Espada, and Galway Kinnell

Actor Bill Murray reads poems by Thomas Lux ("Eyes Gouged Out and Replaced by Hot Coals"), Martín Espada ("Rules for Captain Ahab's Provincetown Poetry Workshop"), Galway Kinnell ("Oatmeal") as part of the 13th Annual Poetry Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge
(Approx. 10 minutes)

2007: Bill Murray reads Ron Padgett, Frank O'Hara, Thomas Lux and Kay Ryan

Actor Bill Murray reads poems by Ron Padgett ("Voice"), Frank O'Hara ("The Critic" and "Poem {for 1959}"), Thomas Lux ("I Love You, Sweatheart") and Kay Ryan ("Poetry is a Kind of Money") as part of the 12th Annual Poetry Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge
(Approx. 10 minutes)

Joseph Coulson reads "I Know a Man" by Robert Creeley

Novelist, poet, and playwright Joseph Coulson remembers poet Robert Creeley, and reads Creeley's poem "I Know a Man" during the Poets House panel discussion The Figures: Life Cycle of an Independent Press
(1 1/2 mins)

2014: Maria Hassabi, Paolo Javier, and Kaneza Schaal in conversation

Working in dance, poetry, and theater respectively, the work of Maria Hassabi, Paolo Javier, and Kaneza Schaal blurs the lines between disciplines in varying ways. In conjunction with the site-based presentation of Maria Hassabi’s dance performance PREMIERE at Bowling Green, they come together in a conversation about the role of and relationship between word, image, and movement across disciplines.
(Full Audio, approx. 1 hour)

2014: Octavio Paz Centennial Celebration

Hosted and introduced by writer and translator Eliot Weinberger, poets Kristin Prevallet, María Baranda, Idra Novey, Roberto Tejada, Nathalie Handal, Monica de la Torre, and Coral Bracho, read from the work of essayist, diplomat, and Nobel Laureate Octavio Paz (1914-1998), and talk about his influence on them and their own work.
(Full audio, Approx 1 hour)

Literary Partners Program: Book launch of Selected Poems by Paul Violi

Please join Gingko Press in celebrating the publication of Selected Poems by Paul Violi

About Selected Poems (1970 – 2007)
This book presents a definitive selection of the poems that Paul Violi (1944 – 2011) published in his lifetime, as selected by his close friends and colleagues, Charles North and Tony Towle. Violi is often associated with the “second generation” of the New York school of poetry.

About Paul Violi


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