Open Enrollment Class Registration - Bodhrán


Class enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. Since many classes fill quickly; we encourage you to enroll early. Your enrollment is complete when full payment for tuition has been received.

Full and Partial Refunds

Price: $325.00

Open Enrollment Class Registration - Fathi


Our most beloved, accomplished poets, like Dickinson, understand that play is paramount in writing. In this workshop, we'll invigorate our writing through disciplined play. Constraints and chance operations such as Tzara's Hat and Burroughs's cut-ups will multiply our means of invention. Lynda Barry's What it Is will anchor our process in meditative play, engaging memory and imagery especially, and help us bound over our usual antagonists—difficult passages, blank pages and the inner critical voice.

Price: $325.00

Open Enrollment Class Registration - Wen Mao


Summoning the techniques of poets, singers, rappers, artists, and other gatekeepers of pop culture, we will respond to exercises designed to excavate our own bad bitch poetics, and determine what that may mean personally and aesthetically for each of us. We will work on drafting forms, from manifesto to bop to ekphrasis, to generate poems, and build a dossier that reflects the poet's definition of bad bitch poetics.

Price: $325.00

Open Enrollment Class Registration - Doyle


In this poetry workshop, we will explore both the agonizing invasions of conquering influences and the ecstasies of our intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical influences, and how both they inform our work and those of other artists. We will practice working with and against our predilections and habits, design exercises outside of our comfort zones, and give ourselves permission to obsess and worry poems down the rabbit holes of compulsion and assumption.

Price: $325.00

Practicing Sands: Play & Process with Farnoosh Fathi

We play at Paste—
Till qualified, for Pearl—
Then, drop the Paste—
And deem ourself a fool—

The Shapes—though—were similar—
And our new Hands
Learned Gem-Tactics—
Practicing Sands—

Master Class with Major Jackson

Major Jackson's most recent book of poetry is Holding Company. He is professor at the University of Vermont and the Bennington Writing Seminars.

Application Deadline: Friday May 15

Master Class with Laura Kasischke

Winner of the 2011 National Book Critics Circle Award for Space, in Chains and a finalist for the 2015 Kingsley Tufts Award for The Infintesimals, Laura Kasischke is the author of seven books of poetry and nine popular novels.

Application Deadline: Friday May 8

Hands On/Hands Off: A Seminar on Artistic Collaboration with Bill Berkson

New York artists and poets from the 1950s onward developed a new type of synergy – spontaneous, casual, and involving popular forms such as comics and advertising layouts.

Poetry Out Loud Recitations

NYC regional winners in the national Poetry Out Loud recitation contest come together for a performance of memorable and moving poems.

Poetry Out Loud is presented by the New York State Council on the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, Teachers and Writers Collaborative, and the Poetry Foundation


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