Passwords: Mark Doty on Hart Crane

Hart Crane is one of the greatest poets produced by America since Whitman and Dickinson. The 1993 National Book Critics Circle Award-winner Mark Doty will explore the complexity and brilliance of Crane’s imagery. Readings from The Bridge and other poems will be included to illustrate the richness and reach of the language.

Early Rebels: Four Yiddish Women Poets

Concentrating primarily on Celia Dropkin, Rachel Korn, Anna Margolin, and Kadya Molodowsky, Ruth Whitman will conduct a “guided reading tour” through Yiddish poetry written by women who defied, in their own ways, the traditional male hierarchy.

Passwords: Nina Kossman on Marina Tsvetayeva

The great 20th-century Russian poet Marina Tsvetayeva came to literary maturity during the Russian Revolution, and her poetry was praised by Pasternak, Mandelstam, and Rilke. Nina Kossman will read from the original texts and her own translations


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