Emily Dickinson at Poets House From the Donald and Patricia Oresman Collection

A selection of rare manuscripts, letters, fragments and recipes by revered poet Emily Dickinson from the private collection of Donald and Patricia Oresman will be on view at Poets House from October 20, 2011 to Saturday, January 21, 2011, curated by Jen Bervin. Also on view are Bervin's large-scale embroidered works based on Dickinson's manuscripts.

Comments by Donald Oresman and Jen Bervin will take place at 7pm.

Passwords: Paula Varsano on Ancient Chinese Poetry

East Asian Literature Scholar and translator Paula Varsano, discusses the different formal innovations and themes in Classical Chinese Poetry, with special discussion of the work of the great poets of the Tang and Sung Dynasties – Li Po, Tu Fu and Wang Wei.

Passwords: Sheldon Pollock on Sanskrit poetry

Scholar and translator Sheldon Pollock offers an overview of Sanskrit poetry, with samples drawn from both religious and secular literature, including The Ramayana – India’s most beloved and enduring legend – and the spiritual classic Bhagavad-Gita – one of the most popular scripts of Hinduism.

Ancient Greek Poetry

This evening dedicated to Classical Greek Poetry begins with a performance of “Bracko,” orchestrated by poet/translator Anne Carson and artist Robert Currie, based on Anne Carson’s translations from If Not, Winter: Fragments of Sappho. Scholar Yopie Prins, author of Victorian Sappho and several essays on the poet, will present a talk on Homer’s influence on Sappho.

6:30pm: A performance of Bracko with Anne Carson, Currie and friends
7:00pm: Passwords: Yopie Prins on Homer and Sappho

Passwords: David Ferry on The Epic of Gilgamesh

Poet and translator David Ferry, author of Gilgamesh: A New Rendering in English Verse, shares his translation of this great epic of ancient Mesopotamia. Ferry discusses the poetic and narrative intensity of this classic work, considered to be the oldest written story on earth.

Nerve Ant: Japanese poet Kiwao Nomura with Translators Forrest Gander and Kyoko Yoshida

Famous for electrifying performances of his work, Kiwao Nomura is revered in Japan, where he has been awarded major literary honors. This reading and conversation, celebrates the publication of his first book of poems in English, Spectacle and Pigsty.

Ten Years After September 11, 2001

Poets House will be open for reading and reflection. Poems of remembrance and reconciliation will be posted for all to read.

Ten Years After September 11, 2001: Remembrance and Reconciliation Through Poetry

Poets House and Trinity Wall Street, in conjunction with the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, present a reading by some of America's leading poets as part of the 10th anniversary commemoration of 9/11. Poets Marie Howe, Major Jackson, Lawrence Joseph, Cornelius Eady, J. Chester Johnson, Martha Rhodes and others will read poems of grief, remembrance and reconciliation.

Passwords: Coleman Barks on Rumi

Poet and preeminent translator of the mystic poet Rumi, Coleman Barks reads from his translations of the poet and discusses the power of 13th - to 14th - century mystical Sufi poetry.


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