Unlikely Angel: Dwight Ripley & the New York School

A rare glimpse into the archives of Dwight Ripley, little-known figure behind the pivotal Tibor de Nagy Gallery.

Showplace for New York School painters, the gallery also published a series of chapbooks by many of those who later became known as the New York School of Poets. Among the items on display are John Ashbery’s first book, Turandot; a rare copy of Frank O'Hara's Oranges (original cover by Grace Hartigan); a painting by Helen Frankenthaler; and samples of Ripley’s own drawings

Sacred Burial Grounds: Alphanumeric Painting by August Highland

Like ancient civilizations slumbering beneath cities of glass and steel, classical poetries are buried deep in Highland’s visual texts on large canvases, which explore the modern experience of language.

August Highland is an experimental writer and visual artist based in San Diego. Since he developed "Alphanumeric Painting" in 2002, he has shown it in over 25 shows, including four solo shows.

A Bestiary: Installations by Jane Greer and Brian Getnick

Jane Greer's "Standing Up, Down" fills Poets House with cut-paper evocations of creatures great and small, while Brian Getnick presents "Curtains! Curtains!" a sculpture and video installation.
Jane Greer is a visual artist whose work has been exhibited at The Drawing Center, NYU's Grey Art Gallery, the Ronald Feldman Gallery, Henoch Gallery, and various international venues.
Brian Getnick has participated in group shows in Rome, The Hague, and New York, and has recently had a solo show at the Lisa Boyle Gallery in Chicago.

Elizabeth Bishop at 100

This tribute to Elizabeth Bishop's 100th birthday features readings from her poetry and selections from Elizabeth Bishop and The New Yorker, a new volume of Bishop's correspondence.

Harryette Mullen with Niki Herd & Camille Rankine

The acclaimed author of Sleeping with the Dictionary reads with two new poetry talents.

Resistance is Fertile: Harryette Mullen with Barbara Henning

In celebration of the release of Looking Up Harryette Mullen: Interviews onSleeping with the Dictionary and other works, Harryette Mullen speaks about her playful, deeply political poetry with fellow poet Barbara Henning.

From Tablet to Pen: The Literary History of Islam

Internationally-acclaimed writer and scholar of religions Reza Aslan gives an overview of the history of Islam and the different languages and poetic traditions of the Islamic world.

Precarious Lives: Arab Poets since Pre-Islamic Times

Often exiled or sold into slavery in ancient times, Arab-language poets have literally suffered for their art. Noted literary scholar Muhsin al-Musawi

The Travelling Word: A West African Epic

Joined by West African Jali musicians, Kewulay Kamara discusses, performs and screens segments of his documentary about his attempt to recreate an ancient oral epic after the only written copy was destroyed in Sierra Leone's recent Civil War.

Passwords: Pierre Joris on Paul Celan

Esteemed poet and translator Pierre Joris discusses Paul Celan (1920-1970), the German-speaking Jewish poet whose writings transformed post-World War II poetry. Joris presents recordings of Celan, videos, readings and more.


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