New Zealand Poets Reading

with Lauris Edmond, Keri Hulme and Bill Manhire

Soviet and American Writers and Editors Seminar

USSR: Victor Andreevich Chalmeev, Genrich A. Egoyan, Alexander Alexandrovich Kosorukov and Sergei Baruzdin.
USA: Antonia Bouis, Judith Deutsch, Daniel Halpern, Ted Mooney, Darryl Pinkney, Franklin D. Reeve and Catherine S. Nepomnyaschchy

An Evening of Portuguese Poetry

Two Portuguese poets give a bilingual reading of their internationally-acclaimed poems, not widely translated into English.

Poetry in the Age of AIDS

AIDS has occasioned an overwhelming response in contemporary American poetry. But exactly how, in the face of illness and despair, does poetry function?

In an attempt to find answers to this question, the group will look at five recent books: Tory Dent’s What Silence Equals, Mark Doty’s My Alexandria, Thom Gunn’s The Man With Night Sweats, Rachel Hadas’s Unending Dialogue: Voices from an AIDS Poetry Workshop, and Michael Klein’s Poets for Life: Seventy-Six Poets Respond to AIDS.

Passwords: Thom Gunn and Roger Conover on Mina Loy

Roger Conover, editor of Mina Loy's collected poems, and poet and MacArthur Fellow Thom Gunn read and discuss the poems of this early modernist.

Grand Finale Showcase Reading

The Grand Finale Reading, the final event of the Showcase, is a chance to celebrate the range and diversity of the year's new poetry. Showcased poets will read from their latest works and from the work of other poets in the Poetry Publication Showcase.

Selling Poetry: Superstores, Independents, Bars and the Word on Our Streets

While readings of all kinds are being used to market books, many publishers and retailers have a lingering fear that poetry won't sell. Through what means can the public have access to poetry? What sales strategies are particular to the genre?

Post-Modern Poetry or The Availability of Everything

This seminar is designed to help a general audience navigate through critical developments in poetry since the 1940’s.

This final session will assess the multitude of current poetic schools, from the post-Objectivists to the language poets.


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