The Opening of the Field: Workshops with Nalini Nadkarni & Leonard Schwartz

Nalini Nadkarni (Friday only)

These poetry workshops with rainforest ecologist Nalini Nadkarni and poet Leonard Schwartz introduce the surprisingly creative language used by scientists to describe ecology and explore commonalities between literary texts and ecosystems.

The Opening of the Field: A Conversation with Nalini Nadkarni & Leonard Schwartz

On Earth Day, rainforest ecologist Nalini Nadkarni and poet Leonard Schwartz examine how poetic and scientific understandings of nature might be combined to inspire environmental stewardship.

A Civil Feast of Jazz & Poetry with Poet Afaa Michael Weaver

Poet Afaa Michael Weaver and acclaimed musicians perform jazz pieces and recitals of Weaver’s poems, followed by conversation about music and verse.

A Night in Brooklyn Book Launch and Party

Come celebrate the release of D. Nurkse's newest book, A Night in Brooklyn, at Poets House in the Margo Viscusi Reading Room located on the second floor.

Praise for A Night in Brooklyn :

Texts to Argue Through: A Conversation with John D’Agata, Thalia Field & Jena Osman

Essayist John D’Agata, cross-genre writer Thalia Field and experimental poet Jena Osman trace how research-based projects can evolve into book-length lyric essays and serial poems.

Spain’s Bard: Jesús Aguado

Award-winning Spanish poet Jesús Aguado is joined by his English language translators for a bilingual reading and conversation about Iberian poetry, translation and Aguado’s work.

“Can Poetry Save the Earth?”

Poets House @ the 2010 Association of Writers & Writing Programs Conference in Denver

This panel brings contemporary poetry and poetics into conversation with ecological activism and education.

Black Nature: A Panel & Poetry Reading

Contributors to the landmark anthology Black Nature: Four Centuries of African American Nature Poetry gather for conversation and readings.

Panel: 2:30pm
Reading: 4:00pm

The Green Man: A Panel with Carolyn Dinshaw, Michael Hrebeniak, Basil King & Thomas Meyer

Poets Basil King and Thomas Meyer join scholars Carolyn Dinshaw and Michael Hrebeniak for a discussion of the Green Man—the mythic figure that incorporates elements of nature and humanity—from medieval architecture and lore to 21st-century interpretations.

Lyric Persuasions: A Conversation with Rae Armantrout & Norman Fischer

Poet Rae Armantrout and Zen Buddhist priest and poet Norman Fischer investigate new and old concepts of the lyric, using their own poems as jumping-off points.


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