Poetry & Watersheds: A Seminar with Jonathan Skinner

Poet and eco-critic Jonathan Skinner examines how poets are responding to our relationship to water, taking into account emerging
science, politics, and social and ecological inequities.

Poetry & Biodiversity: A Seminar with Jonathan Skinner

In recognition of the International Year of Biodiversity, this seminar with poet and eco-critic Jonathan Skinner looks at current poetics and cultures of biodiversity, including forest languages and invasive activity in disturbed ecosystems.

Praises & Offenses: Women Poets from the Dominican Republic

Dominican poets Ylonka Nacidit-Perdomo and Angela Hernández Núñez are joined by their English-language translator, Judith Kerman, and scholar Linda M. Rodriguez Guglielmoni for a reading and conversation.

Chile’s Dante: An Evening with Raúl Zurita & Anna Deeny

The uncompromising Chilean poet Raúl Zurita reads from his work and talks with Anna Deeny, the English-language
translator of his volume Purgatory.

Close Observation: The Poetics of Flora & Fauna

Diane Ackerman, acclaimed essayist and author of Dawn Light: Dancing with Cranes and Other Ways to Start the Day, talks with Kimiko Hahn, author of Toxic Flora and other poetry collections, about the role of environmental issues and science in their writing.

Annual Chapbook Festival

Now in its second year, this two-day national festival of workshops and readings celebrates the microbook.

For more information, please visit www.centerforthehumanitiesgc.org/festival

It’s About Nature: Children’s Learning & the Poetic Experience with Richard Lewis

Richard Lewis converses with artists, teachers and parents about
creating poetic spaces as a means of inspiring community and creative
responsiveness to the environment.

Nox: From Box to Book with Anne Carson & Currie

With artistic collaborator Robert Currie, poet Anne Carson discusses and reads from Nox, her illustrated “book in a box” that elegizes the loss of her brother with photos, collages, sketches and poetry written through the lens of her translation of Catullus.

The Whole Island: Six Decades of Cuban Poetry

On the occasion of the publication of The Whole Island: Six Decades of Cuban Poetry, editor Mark Weiss, contributors and translators explore major trends in Cuban poetry, both on and off the island.

The Opening of the Field: Workshops with Nalini Nadkarni & Leonard Schwartz

Nalini Nadkarni (Friday only)

These poetry workshops with rainforest ecologist Nalini Nadkarni and poet Leonard Schwartz introduce the surprisingly creative language used by scientists to describe ecology and explore commonalities between literary texts and ecosystems.


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