“How Does a Bird Imagine? What Does a Tree Know?” with Richard Lewis

This performance, art and writing workshop led by children’s poet extraordinaire Richard Lewis features a parade in spring-time imagining hats.

Grand Opening of the Constance Laibe Hays Children’s Room at Poets House

Join us for a celebration of our new children’s room!

Festivities begin at 11:00am with U.S. Children’s Poet Laureate Mary Ann Hoberman and teacher Linda Winston sharing poems from their anthology, The Tree That Time Built: A Celebration of Nature, Science, and Imagination. The revelry continues with giveaways, creative writing exercises and other surprises.

The Elegy with Bhisham Bherwani

Students will compose and revise their own elegies and examine a selection of elegies by Auden, Bishop, Heaney, Lowell, Merwin, Milton, Ponsot, Shelley, Stevens, Walcott and Whitman, among others

Visual Poetry with Jen Bervin

Students will make poems and experiment with tactile methods, unusual scale, spaces and durations in order to create a more open field for poetic possibility. Selected visual poetry, conceptual art, concrete poetry and artists’ books will be presented.

Orbiting the World with Max Blagg

This reading and writing class is a study of selected members of the New York School of poets, circa 1970–1980. Documentary film and recordings,
live readings and guest appearances included.

Listening, Recording, Writing with Stacy Doris

This generative, hands-on workshop employs techniques centered in sound—listening, recording and performing—to chart new paths into poetry. The audio expert’s toolkit will be adapted to writing, including mixing, multitracks, instrumentation, multiple takes, compression and sequencing.

Poetry & the City with Phillip Lopate

Let Whitman, Reznikoff, Teasdale, O’Hara and Schuyler, among others, inspire you as you write and walk, observing and eavesdropping.


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