Third Annual Poetry Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge

"Discover the poetry “under your boot-soles” and join us in celebrating the confluence of poetry, water and the magnificent New York City skyline. Hear the words of Hart Crane, Langston Hughes, Marianne Moore and Walt Whitman brought to life by Galway Kinnell, Lucille Clifton, Mark Doty and Grace Paley who will join us for this year’s annual bridge crossing. The walk includes a Buffet Supper and poetry readings at City Hall Park, on the Bridge and at the Fulton Ferry Landing.

Sixth Annual Poetry Publication Showcase

Join us for celebration, refreshments, and a walk-in survey of the most current poetry scene.

Sixth Annual Poetry Publication Showcase Opening Reception

Join us for celebration, refreshments, and a walk-in survey of the most current poetry scene. A book party for the whole field!

Sixth Annual Poetry Publication Showcase

Showcase On View March 28-May 9
A walk-in survey of the most current poetry scene

Straw, Feathers & Dust: The Radical Poetics of William Stafford

Marvin Bell, one of the great contemporary teachers of the craft of poetry, reads and discusses the poems of William Stafford, with whom he co-authored Segues: A Correspondence in Poetry.

Passwords: John Felstiner on Paul Celan

Paul Celan, emerging from the European Jewish catastrophe with nothing but his (radically questioned) German mother tongue, challenges his translator too. John Felstiner discusses Celan’s poems and their embeddedness in the poet’s life.

On Poetic Voice with Jane Hirshfield

“Voice” is a term often used in describing a poet’s work, yet it remains a slippery concept. Does voice come from within the individual or elsewhere? Does each poet have a core voice, or can a writer work in several different voices successfully? This workshop offers an opportunity to explore these questions through writing experiments and discussion.

The Prose Poem with Carl Phillips

What are the differences between poetry and prose? What are the strategies peculiar to each one? And in what way can an understanding of those strategies assist us in our own reading and writing of the prose poem? Carl Phillips leads a discussion that seeks to tame that sometimes nebulous but ever-persistent animal, the prose poem.

A Tribute to Robert Lowell

On the 25th anniversary of his death, five esteemed colleagues read and re-examine the work of Robert Lowell, a three-time Pulitzer Prize winner and one of the most influential post-World War II poets.


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