The Literary Universe: the Library in Poetry and the Imagination

From the perspectives of archivist, curator, editor, scholar, translator, writer and combinations thereof, a diverse group of poets (Catherine Bowman, Nancy Kuhl, Geoffrey O'Brien, Nathalie Stephens & Kevin Young) explores the vital role of the library in poetic creation and preservation as well as in the larger culture.

Fire in My Heart: Hannah Senesh

Featuring classical music, poetry and diary readings, this theatrical event honors Israel’s most important World War II hero, poet Hannah Senesh (1921–1944). Senesh, a Hungarian Jew who immigrated to the Land of Israel in 1939, joined the British Army in 1943 to help the Allied efforts and rescue Jews from Nazi-occupied Hungary. After parachuting into Yugoslavia, Senesh eventually crossed into her native Hungary, was imprisoned and executed by a firing squad.

Greek Avant-Garde: Demosthenes Agrafiotis

This evening marks the publication of new English translations of two books by experimental Greek poet and visual artist Demosthenes Agrafiotis: Chinese Notebook and Maribor. Michail Palaiologou, a composer who has collaborated with Agrafiotis, and John Sakkis, one of Agrafiotis’s English-language translators, join the poet for a performance and discussion of his work.

Passwords: Galway Kinnell on Translation

Pulitzer Prize–winning poet Galway Kinnell talks about the importance of translation in a poet's career and shares his own experiences as a translator of François Villon and others.

2012: Stanzas in Meditation: A Gertrude Stein Celebration - Reading (Full Audio)

A reading of Gertrude Stein’s poetic work with scholars Logan Esdale, Susannah Hollister, Liesl Olson and Emily Setina, Stein archives curator Nancy Kuhl, and poets Paolo Javier, Rachel Levitsky, Ariana Reines, Joan Retallack, Christopher Schmidt, Laura Sims and Stacy Szymaszek.
(Full audio, approx. 2 hrs)

2012: Stanzas in Meditation: A Gertrude Stein Celebration - Panel Discussion (Full Audio)

Four emerging textual scholars -- Logan Esdale, Susannah Hollister, Liesl Olson and Emily Setina -- share their recent work in the Gertrude Stein archives at Yale University, moderated by the collection’s curator Nancy Kuhl.
(Full Audio - approx. 2 hrs)

2000: J.D. McClatchy on Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Full Audio)

Poet, editor and critic J D McClatchy reads and discusses the work of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882), muses on the tides of taste, and presents a fresh view of this long-neglected and underestimated poet.
(Full Audio, approx. 1 hour)

1991: Passwords: Seamus Heaney on Keith Douglas (Full Audio)

Nobel Laureate Seamus Heaney discusses the life and work of Keith Douglas (1920 – 1944) English Poet noted for his war poetry during World War II.

(Full Audio, approx. 1 hour 7 mins)


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