Passwords: The Japanese Zuihitsu or Running Brush with Kimiko Hahn

The zuihitsu, for which there is no Western counterpart, is a Japanese genre sometimes described as a prose miscellany or random notes. Kimiko Hahn discusses the zuihitsu’s history, including its precursors, The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon and Kenko’s classic, Essays in Idleness, its subversion of form, and its links to a contemporary poetic aesthetic.

Passwords: The Peacock's Tail: An Evening of Poetry from Al-Andalus with Lourdes Alvarez

"Islamic Spain is now remembered as a place where Muslims, Christians and Jews created a vibrant polyglot civilization. Hispano- Arabic poets sang of forbidden love in rhymes which drew on both Spanish and Arabic traditions. Lourdes Alvarez presents original English translations of Andalusian poems from the 10th-14th centuries, including Sufi verse and nostalgic laments for the waning of the golden years of that richly polyphonic society."

Poems By Heart with Carol Conroy

Poems By Heart brings people together to recite from memory the poems they love. Participants are asked to memorize a new poem each month that someone else has written.

Celebrating Sulfur: The Life and Death of a Literary Magazine

Since 1981, Sulfur has been a unique model of a multi-focused literary magazine, embracing international modernism and its various legacies. After publishing 11,000 pages and over 800 writers and artists, Sulfur will bring out its final issue in the spring of 2000. Founder Clayton Eshleman is joined by two of Sulfur’s correspondents, Allen S. Weiss and Marjorie Welish, to discuss the magazine’s history and its unique place in the literary world.

Poetics Consciousness: Frames, Identities, Necessities with Charles Bernstein and Douglas Messerli

What are the possibilities or impossibilities for poetics at the present moment? Charles Bernstein and Douglas Messerli discuss the national, international, and imagined contexts within which poets write, and the most urgent issues facing poetry and poetry publishing.

The Poetics of Art

Poet and art critic John Yau leads this walking tour of galleries that show artists’ books, collaborations between artists and writers, and art that includes language. The tour will end with coffee and discussion.


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