Under Siege: Poetry From Bosnia

This bilingual reading and panel discussion on poetry in a time of war features contributors to Scar on the Stone: Contemporary Poetry From Bosnia. Published by Bloodaxe Books in England, it is the first anthology to appear in a foreign language since the outbreak of war and genocide following the independence of Bosnia- Herzegovina in 1992. It brings together the country’s most distinguished poets and––spanning a period of fifty years––evokes a land ravaged by the worst war crimes on European soil since the Second World War.

The Power of the Off-Kilter

Most successful contemporary poems are like tops wobbling near the end of their rotation. They spin their tales smoothly at times but there are interruptions that disturb or surprise that seemingly neat and effortless movement. Through readings and a brief writing exercise, this seminar will examine ways in which controlled order and disruptive energy are combined.

Poems for the Millennium: The Modern Experiment as a Global Poetics

Explore the range of innovations and discoveries that have transformed the formal, experiential, performative, and social basis of poetry over the last century. Beginning with the experimental movements and ethnopoetic approaches to the poetic past and present.

Wrights of Spring: Poems, Mountains and Trees in the Poems of James Wright

Annie Wright opens the home she shared with her late husband, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet James Wright. Richard Lewis co-facilitates this meditation on mountains, rivers, and trees in the work of James Wright and other poets from around the world.


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