The Poetry Revolution with Hettie Jones and Kurt Lamkin

This year's panel discussion between poets and librarians focuses on young adult services—the books, the programs, and the methods that work—and the revolutionary impact the discovery of poetry can have.

Exhibition of the 2000 Poetry Publication Showcase

On View in San Francisco June 16-18
Poets House brings the entire range of poetry production during the year 2000 to the exhibit hall.

Poetry in The Branches Preconference Seminar with Hettie Jones and Kurt Lamkin & others

An intensive hands-on seminar for librarians, featuring small group sessions, workshops and panel discussions on collection development, building an audience, programming, community outreach, and more.

The Sixth Annual Poetry Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge

Join us for our annual tribute to the art and the city we love—and a special celebration in honor of Poets House's fifteenth year of service to the public. Poets Billy Collins, Galway Kinnell, Tracie Morris and Naomi Shihab Nye will read their poems, as well as poems by Hart Crane, Marianne Moore and Walt Whitman. The walk includes poetry readings on the bridge and at the Fulton Ferry Landing and concludes with a buffet supper.

Letters to a Young Poet: An Evening with Stanley Kunitz and Lucille Clifton at Makor

In an evening designed to inspire developing writers, Stanley Kunitz and Lucille Clifton share their poems and offer counsel for the heart, mind and pen.


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