The Wright Italy with Edward Hirsch & Annie Wright

Considered one of the most significant voices in postwar American poetry, James Wright (1927-1980) won the 1972 Pulitzer Prize for his Collected Poems. Edward Hirsch and Annie Wright, who opens the home she shared with her late husband, will read, reminisce, and follow the journey of James Wright’s poems from his native Ohio to the golden Italian countryside that illuminates his later work

Passwords: Arthur Sze on Ma Chih-yuan, Li Ho & Li Shang-yin

Arthur Sze reads and discusses three visionary poets in the tradition of classical Chinese poetry. Ma Chih-yuan (1260-1334), one of the great playwrights of the Yuan dynasty, wrote outstanding poems in the ch’ü, or song, form. Li Ho (790-816) was a child prodigy whose rich, complex poems draw on Chinese shamanism and mythology. Li Shang-yin (813-858) wrote brilliantly hermetic and veiled poems that are considered some of the greatest love poems in classical Chinese.


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