The Practice of Poetry: A Conversation with Sam Hamill

The class will read and listen to some poems and explore aspects of good writing and the practice of poetry in the fullest sense of that term: like doctors who practice medicine, we must prepare ourselves to serve a great tradition.This conversation may include deep reaches into classical Chinese and Japanese poetry, overtly political poetry and other aspects of practice.


African drums, dance and poetry by the first graders of PS 156.

New Issues in Poetry & Poetics: A Master Class with Brenda Hillman

An alternative to traditional workshops, this class aims to contextualize students’ poems within the broad field of contemporary poetry. Participants will be asked to bring copies of poems in process, a page of prose (or poetics theory) that relates to the work, and several questions they would like Brenda Hillman to address. These questions will be used as the basis for discussions about craft and aesthetics.

Alastair Reid on Jorge Luis Borges

Alastair Reid discusses the impact of Argentina's outstanding man of letters, Jorge Luis Borges, on the writers of the last century.

This annual program on translation honors Katharine Washburn, acclaimed translator and co-editor of the World Poetry anthology.

d. b. leonard

Poet and songwriter d.b. leonard plays the guitar to some of our favorite children’s poems.


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