Passwords: David Ferry on Gilgamesh

David Ferry discusses his translation of one of the oldest epic poems in Western literature.

The Poets House Children's Room Opening Celebration

Kurt Lamkin performs his poetry and plays the Kora, a twenty-string African instrument. Thylias Moss reads from her children’s book I Want To Be, with music by composer Ansted Moss, age 11.

New Writing from the U.K.

Renowned poets, fiction writers, playwrights, critics, translators and editors discuss writing trends of the United Kingdom.

Epics and Ballads 101: A Public Seminar on Oral Traditions with John Foley

John Foley, the author of How to Read an Oral Poem, introduces a season of programs on epics and ballads discussing the ways oral and literary forms move through culture and time.

Poetry in The Branches National Institute

After many years of working closely with our partners in the New York and Brooklyn public library systems Poets House now makes Poetry in The Branches services available to librarians nationwide.


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