Poetry in The Branches Reading: Secret Identities and Undercover Metaphors

Hunting down hidden meanings and discovering unexpected resonances are experiences which unite readers and writers of poetry and mystery fiction. What is the process of uncovering and sharing mystery? What is the art of revealing the unseen? How is suspense used as a literary tool in genre fiction and in poetry?

Passwords: Bob Perelman on Ezra Pound

Ezra Pound is famous for his role in defining a modernist aesthetic, from the creation of the Imagist movement in 1912 to his epic poem The Cantos. He is also infamous for Fascist radio broadcasts he conducted from Italy during World War II. Can a contemporary audience find a fresh reading of this contradictory master?

Passwords: Wanda Coleman on Phillis Wheatley

Born in Africa, Phillis Wheatley (1753–1784) was kidnapped, brought to America, and sold to a prominent Boston family. Wheatley became the first African-American woman to publish a book of poems, and one of the best-known poets in the country.

Fifteen: A Reading in Celebration of Poets House

A marathon poetry reading, free to the public, featuring fifteen of the nation's most luminous poets, will be held to celebrate Poets House's Fifteenth Anniversary and the opening of our newly expanded and renovated home.


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