Sex and Surrealism with Terese Svoboda

Breton believed poetry was an energy capable of changing reality. From poets as diverse as Adrienne Rich, Russell Edson and Aime Cesaire, this seminar group will encounter language that seeks to recover the generative matter of poetry.

The Body of the Voice with Edwin Torres

How we listen affects how we speak. How we see our language affects how our voice is heard. As poets we create our communication. This workshop will challenge participants to communicate with all their languages.

Women Poets 20 Years Later: No More Masks

A poetry reading with Cheryl Clarke, Cynthia Macdonald, Linda McCarriston, Molly Peacock and Ruth Stone

Women Poets 20 Years Later: Where We Stand

A panel discussion with Sharon Bryan , Cheryl Clarke , Cynthia Macdonald and Deborah Tall

The Poetry of the New Critics with F. D. Reeve

Although better known as literary critics than as poets, the New Critics were poets first. They were artists who saw the world in creative terms, and to those terms added critical, social and political awareness. The seminar will focus on the poetry of Blackmur, Ransom and Tate and its literary and spiritual legacy in our very different age.

Support America’s Poetry Test Kitchen

Poets House invites you to join us at an intimate benefit dinner on Monday, November 8 at Bouley Test Kitchen.
This will be an unforgettable evening in Chef David Bouley’s private gastronomic laboratory, and our festivities will bridge the art of the literary and the culinary, with emphasis on the pleasures of mind and palate. We are hosting this additional, special fundraiser this year to help with our organization’s operating costs as we settle into our new home.

Celebrate our 25th Anniversary with a Shakespearean Feast

This is a special benefit for Poets House that helps keep our programming free or low cost.

Conquering the Blank Page: Poetry as a Teaching Tool

Drawing on Poets House’s 50,000-volume poetry library, this 5-day intensive course will lead middle- and high school teachers through a variety of hands-on exercises meant to inspire the teaching, writing, and reading of poetry. Collaboratively, we’ll approach poetry as a teaching tool capable of inspiring diverse student populations to create and interpret complex texts.

Opening Reception for "Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here"

Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here assembles artists’ responses to the tragic March 5, 2007 bombing that resulted in the destruction of Al-Mutanabbi Street, a cultural and intellectual hub in Baghdad. This major traveling exhibition features approximately 250 artists’ books and 50 broadside (prints) by artists from around the world and was co-organized by Beau Beausoleil, founder of the Al-Mutanabbi Street Coalition, and scholar Sarah Bodman.


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