A Tribute to Harvey Shapiro

Poets and admirers of Harvey Shapiro (1924-2013) gather to read from his work and share memories of the man who prompted Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to pen the monumental “Letter from Birmingham Jail” and counted E.E. Cummings, George Oppen, and Louis Zukofsky among his friends. Concurrent with his 43-year career at The New York Times, his poetry spans the political and historic, local and international, always seeking the human significance of an issue. Shapiro’s many publications include 2009's The Sights Along the Harbor, which draws from five decades of poetry.

Reading & Panel Discussion: Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here

Poet and scholar Ammiel Alcalay, Iraqi-American poet Alise Alousi, poet and project founder Beau Beausoleil, and Middle East scholar M. Lynx Qualey gather to reflect on this landmark project and the important role of poetics in Middle Eastern culture.

Relative Strangeness: Rosmarie Waldrop with Nikolai Duffy

Rosmarie Waldrop is one of poetry’s most persistent and prolific innovators. Associated with a diverse array of post-1945 literary movements, co-founder of the celebrated Burning Deck Press, and the award-winning translator of the great Egyptian Jewish poet Edmond Jabès, Waldrop continues to defy categorization or border. Her more than 17 poetry titles include Driven to Abstraction and The Aggressive Ways of the Casual Stranger. Waldrop is joined by Dr.

The Art of Writing Poems: A Poetry Workshop for Seniors with Hermine Meinhard

In this workshop students will learn the pleasures of writing poetry. We will capture experiences from memories, dreams and the world around us. We will experiment with lively, evocative ways to enter into writing, using objects, language, and artwork, and will learn the elements of poetic craft. And we will read and discuss a wide range of poets, which will introduce you to the range and possibilities of poetry.

Poetry in the Children's Room: Say Snow-And It Will Snow, Forever

A workshop celebrating the magic and beauty that is snow. We’ll create small paper scrolls to hold our snow-laden poems, quickened and weathered into life. Richard will bring mythical stories, unique trinkets, and exotic instruments to inspire us.

Exile's Laureate: Paul Laraque

This event marks Paul Laraques 85th birthday. It offers a rare opportunity to hear him read and, in conversation with Jack Hirschman, recount the amazing details of his life in politics and poetry.

White Women, Dark Trains & Poem After Poem: Paul Delvaux's Railroad Sense with C. S. Giscombe

Paul Delvaux’s nudes and skeletons are well known and much discussed; but trains, rail stations, and switching yards also figure in his paintings. C. S. Giscombe—poet, essayist, railroad engineer—talks about Delvaux’s trains and their relation to issues of race, representation, eros, and public transportation in poetry.

Poetry in The Branches Reading: Victoria Hallerman & Lisa Rhoades

Beginning in February 2005, Staten Island teens and adults will be doing what Poetry in The Branches was designed for: bumping into poetry and discovering its delights. The pilot year of this program will see Staten Island branches of The New York Public Library hosting six poetry-writing workshops for teens, and, for adults, a series of readings by stellar poets of their own and their favorite poets’ work. On a Spring afternoon or evening, when a trip on the ferry adds an extra note of pleasure to your day, come hear these readings.

Master Class with C. S. Giscombe

This class focuses on innovation, invention, and improvisation in the production of long and/or connected poems.

Poetry in the Children's Room: The Fastest Animals on Four Wheels with Alexander Zane

Alexander Zane will read from his new book, The Wheels on the Race Car, and lead us as we read and write about all our favorite speedy animals.


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