Open Enrollment Class Registration - Jones


Departures: A Way to Start the Poem with Patricia Spears Jones

Price: $390.00

Open Enrollment Class Registration - Dolin


Rewriting With Abandon: The Art of Revision with Sharon Dolin

“Poems are never finished, merely abandoned,” wrote Paul Valéry. How do we take those abandoned drafts, our stuck poems, and re-enter them with fresh verve? Each session we discuss procedures and strategies for revising our poems, do short in-class revision exercises, discuss some published works, before turning to workshop as a group student poems. This class is an invitation to play and radically re-visit poems-in-progress.

Price: $390.00

Three Week Open Enrollment Class Registration - Copp


Text, Event, & Chorus: Intergenre Writing for Poets with Corina Copp

Can poetry function as closet drama, occurring offstage? In this seminar/workshop, students will engage with various integrative forms and writers, including Goethe, Ingeborg Bachmann, Marguerite Duras, radio drama, film, performance scripts, and, of course, poetry – as well as “downtown” theater practices, and write toward their own composite texts for performance.

Price: $150.00

One Day Workshop Registration - Sajé


“Why Must It Always End This Way?” Narrative Theory & Poetry Workshop with Natasha Sajé

The term “narrative” is often misused, confused with realism or accessibility, but understanding narrative can strengthen poetry writing. Students will examine narrative in the poems of Barbara Guest and John Ashbery, among others, and are invited to bring their own poems with narrative elements.

Price: $60.00

One Day Workshop Registration - Moïse


Catch Sight of Desire: A Monologue Lab for Poets with Lenelle Moïse

This energetic workshop combines theater exercises and writing prompts to encourage writers to create irresistible characters for the stage. Bring a pencil and wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Class enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. Since many classes fill quickly; we encourage you to enroll early. Your enrollment is complete when full payment for tuition has been received.

Full and Partial Refunds

Price: $60.00

Open Enrollment Class Registration - Diggs


Love Me In Your Language with LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs

Price: $390.00

Open Enrollment Class Registration - Hecht


Writing About Big Ideas with Jennifer Michael Hecht

Price: $390.00

Open Enrollment Class Registration - Martin


Inherent Logics: From One Genre to Another with Douglas A. Martin

In this seminar we’ll work outside of and between forms and search for logics poetic or otherwise in our fledgling pieces, letting what emerges from things currently tangled, broken or uncollected be our guide toward form. We will assess efforts weekly and leave each class with a new set of keys to attempt to turn. And if we wind up with something sounding more like it wants to be an essay, we will hear where and how it sings to tune or compose anew.

Price: $390.00

Open Enrollment Class Registration - Henning


From Journal to Poem with Barbara Henning

In this workshop we’ll develop multiple ways of gathering material through writing and experimenting with journaling, researching and taking notes. We’ll explore walking/writing meditation, layered journaling, collaging from news and other resources, and more. Readings will be from Matsuo Basho, Harry Mathews, Jack Kerouac, Harryette Mullen William Carlos Williams, Helene Cixous, Bernadette Mayer and Ed Sanders, among others. Students will leave the class with a collection of five poems or short prose pieces.

Price: $325.00

Imagination Islands: A Map-Making Workshop

Mystical beasts, magical forests, lost treasure and more can be found in this island map-making workshop. Children will create their own maps with poetic descriptions of distant unexplored islands for those daring enough to venture there. Lead by Poets House Children’s Room Director Mike Romanos.


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