Poetry Spotlight


Page from Whitman illuminated: song of myself (c) Sam Crawford

Honoring twenty years of our iconic Poetry Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge: Walt Whitman & the Art of the Book: Contemporary Visions, a selection of contemporary artist books inspired by Whitman's work.
(On view through September 19)

Poets House Showcase Reading Series

Poets with recent publications join us to celebrate the Poets House Showcase, a free exhibit featuring all of the new poetry books and poetry-related texts published in the United States in a single year from over 650 commercial, university, and independent presses.

• Thursday July 30, 6:00pm
Hosted by Queens Poet Laureate Emeritus Paolo Javier our first ever Poets House Members Open Mic
shines the spotlight on Members with readings by Rose Bernal, Barry Blitstein, Bracha Nechama Bomze, Gary Brocks, Rosalie Calabrese, Lorraine Currelley, Jacqueline De Weever, Barry Denny, Robert Dickerson, John Ennis, Ilsa Gilbert, Robert Givens, Eric Hafker, Alan Holder, Marsha Howard, Dean Kostos, Robert Kramer, Michael Kusen, Zigi Lowenberg, Susan Maurer, Hermine Meinhard, Wayne Miller, Liora Mondlak, Jane Ormerod, Irving Polsky, Adela Sinclair, Mercy Tullis-Bukhari, Raymond Nat Turner, Sarah White, Amy Whitman and others.

Click below to listen to previous readings in this year's series

• June 25
Bill Berkson, Dorothea Lasky, Rowan Ricardo Phillips, and Elizabeth Willis

• July 9
Timothy Liu, Sara Jane Stoner, Yolanda Wisher, and Magdalena Zurawski

• July 16
Ellen Hagan, Parneshia Jones, Anne Marie Macari, and Jean Valentine

• July 23
Nickole Brown, Betsy Fagin, Emily Hunt, and Jessica Jacobs

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