Poetry Spotlight

Poets House Emerging Poets in The Cortland Review

The summer 2015 issue of The Cortland Review (Issue 86) celebrates the work of the Poets House Emerging Fellows!

The issue showcases the work of all the 2015 fellows and their mentor, Rachel Eliza Griffiths, as well as writers from the 2012-14 programs with poems by J. Mae Barizo, Aziza Barnes, Stephen J Boyer, Wo Chan, Cathy Linh Che, Rio Cortez, Maxe Crandall, Justine el-Khazen, Jessica Rae Elsaesser, Monica Hand, Ricardo Hernandez, Paul Hlava, Rosamond S. King, Esther Lin, Yanyi Luo, Andriniki Mattis, Vikas K. Menon, Timothy Ree, Danniel Schoonebeek, Andrew Seguin, Xena S Semjonova, Vincent Toro, Paul Tran, Aldrin Valdez, Jeannie Vanasco, Tishon Woolcock, and Elizabeth Zuba.


Page from Whitman illuminated: song of myself (c) Sam Crawford

Honoring twenty years of our iconic Poetry Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge: Walt Whitman & the Art of the Book: Contemporary Visions, a selection of contemporary artist books inspired by Whitman's work.
(On view through September 19)
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