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American Poetry Collection at the Poets House

The Poets House Showcase is organized by publisher so that visitors to our exhibit can see every title in your poetry list. We arrange the books in our program hall for a month during the summer, and most titles are displayed face out on book stands. Eligible titles are books, chapbooks and multimedia of and about poetry.

To submit your publications to the annual Poets House Showcase, send one (1) copy of each title to Poets House, Attn: Amanda Glassman, Librarian, 10 River Terrace, New York NY 10282.

There is no form to fill out, and you do not need to indicate that the donation is a Poets House Showcase submission; every new poetry title (published in the past year) is automatically included in our next Poets House Showcase. We’ll also bookplate the titles to reflect your donation to Poets House’s library.

To be included in the 2017 25th anniversary of the Poets House Showcase books must be postmarked by June 1, 2017. Last year, we featured 3,000 titles by 800 publishers – submit your latest books this year and be a part of poetry history!

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