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Poems By Children

Little Poet at Poets House, children's poetry activities

The New York Listening Station

In the city I hear, Laughing in the park, The chu-chu of the train, The alarm in my house, Going on and on again.

Near the water I hear, Ducks making that quack-quack, Two boats making little splashes, The waves making flashes.

In the sky I hear, Aeroplanes cushing, Birds chip chipping, Eagles eeeeking.

In my house I hear, My mama snoring, My cereal cracking in the bowl, The drums of rock and roll.

-Humza, age 3

From Saturday September 10, 2011’s Chrissie Gittins children's program

A thought comes from anywhere in the water. You push a thought and sometimes it goes by itself. -Mohamed
Thoughts come from our imagination and can be in the brain and our breath. -Serafina
My thought move swirling and leaping. -Miles
Thoughts come from anywhere; the universe; the whole planet. -Cormac
The bird thought about a thought of a stone. -Alex
I am having a thought that has a thought. -Annie
My thoughts move diagonally to get to other thoughts. -Ngawang
A thought is something you want to happen. -Ramon
My thought is looking at me and it’s floating. -Sarai
When we make up a thought they come from our mind- then we create them again and again. They move on the river of our thoughts after it stops to pick up another and another. -Spence
My thought makes me feel like me in the ocean. -Annie P.

From Richard Lewis's We Are Rivers, illustrated by Kathy Creutzburg, Touchstone Center Publications, 2012.