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A Note from the Poets House Executive Director

Lee Briccetti
Recently, I witnessed a preacher (linebacker-tall!) storming up and down a packed New York City subway car slapping his Bible as he ululated in a remarkable baritone: "The Bible says forna-cation is sin! And adult-ry is sin!" Over and over, pacing, declaiming, until, as if by grace, a musician with a steel drum started to play in perfect syncopation: "These Are a Few of My Favorite Things."

Poetry is everywhere. In our sacred texts, in that preacher’s oratory, and in the musical response! And, oh, yes, in poetry--the sacred/secular art form we practice as readers and writers to discover the messy mysteries of the world, and ourselves.

That boisterous subway scene caused me to think of my favorite things: Rome and New York (my cities), times when strangers laugh in good humor together, Dickinson, Tiger Swallowtail butterflies (raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens), etc.

We each have our personal lists…and so often Poets House ranks high on poetry-lovers’ lists of favorite things—this place honoring language and language’s power of connection, and this library of 60,000 poetry books charged with beauty and wisdom.

When we ask visitors what their favorite things at Poets House are, we hear: the light, the space, the books, the programs, quiet Saturdays, bustling Saturdays, workshops, E.E. Cummings’s desk, the Children's Room, the people.

This season, visit us to find your favorite things—visit our space in lower Manhattan or visit us online where great moments from great Poets House programs are ready for you to enjoy. We invite you to find something that nurtures your love of language…something that makes you laugh, think or stomp.

— Lee Briccetti, Executive Director 

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